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Elegant by nature.

Stone surface treatments have a unique ability to work well in all styles of kitchen and bathroom; Project Stone Australia is in the optimal position to make this happen as one of the leading stone tile suppliers in Brisbane.


Project Stone Australia started out in 1984 as an importer and distributor of natural and ceramic stone tiles. The rise of a stone masonry industry in Queensland prompted the company to expand its operations and establish partnerships with some of the state’s most reputable fabrication companies. Such links allow your project to have a better lead time in processing tiles for your remodel applications, such as countertops and backsplashes.

Consultations with the Project Stone team will guide you towards choosing the ideal choice for your project. Part of the discussions will involve perusing the 130 large-size samples available at the company warehouse plus general details about other aspects of the project to arrive at a final decision. The staff can counsel you on stone tiles that may or may not clash with your other materials and on choosing low-maintenance tiles, especially for high-activity areas. Project Stone’s quality products include natural minerals such as basalt and granite, and engineered items such as the Radianz™ Quartz line.

Stone tiles of exceptional quality are a delight to touch, regardless of their mode of installation. The team at Project Stone Australia take pride in introducing clients to the finest stone tile products available.

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