QIDA: Felt Interiors

Feel, Explore, Live, Touch.

Because there are drab interiors, and there are fab interiors, FELT Interiors definitely focuses on making the inner sanctum of your home a fab place.


FELT Interiors offers a bevy of services aimed at laying blueprints for improving your lifestyle. Company owner Donna McHugh is your point person to make this happen, having had years of experience in a number of Brisbane’s lifestyle and renovation projects. She will also help you liaise with preferred contractors.

  • Renovation Consulting – Intensive planning spells the difference between a successful renovation and a disastrous project. FELT’s renovation consultations aid in meeting your project needs, from budget to overall materials selection.
  • Lifestyle Refresh – Certain household developments warrant some lifestyle changes. A lifestyle refresh project aims to help you in matters such as acquiring new furnishings to enhance the home’s interior look or planning a bathroom remodel.
  • Colour Consulting – A number of studies have proven that colour affects the psychology of residents in many ways. Depending on your lifestyle preferences, FELT has a range of colour palettes to choose in planning your renovation.
  • Building/Construction Industry Consultation – Contractors themselves are known to approach FELT for pre-construction guidance, especially when it comes to choosing inside or outside finishes.

Your home deserves the calibre of change from within to make life more comfortable. Taking up your ideas with a company like FELT Interiors will make things “feel” just right.

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