QIDA: Madison Avenue Interiors

Design the home you deserve, from the inside out.

Interiors in need of a re-design can have a fresh start under the auspices of Madison Avenue Interiors, a boutique interior design company from Mansfield.


Madison Avenue Interiors is a full-service outfit with undertakings in real-estate and the general construction business. The company’s work ethos is based on keeping things simple while staying true to a client’s personality and preferences, and combined time-tested methods with new ideas to achieve the desired effect.

Working with sister outfit Madison Avenue Renovations, the company can anylise the subject property and organise a well-planned renovation effort based on a highly-structured design.

Property developers can grasp the business marketing potential of a Madison Avenue Interiors-designed home. The company has personnel steeped in town planning and design, who can tackle assignments in locations identified to have strong potential in growth and rentals. The result are new properties with ergonomically-designed and functional interiors conducive to various activities.

Madison Avenue Interiors’ drive to succeed comes from the vision of founder Nicole James. Currently the QIDA Executive Committee’s marketing and advertising manager, James holds Cert IV rating in Design of Kitchens and Interior Spaces, Interior Design, Complete. She’s also taking up Property Economics at QUT.

When your property deserves a serious revamp, call on Madison Avenue Interiors for the job.

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