QIDA: Pizzazz Art

Vibrant colour and energy paintings.

If paintings are your forte as accoutrements for your home, the works by Brisbane’s very own Christine Donaldson of Pizzazz Art are worth a look and worth the acquisition.


The various artwork you’ll find at Pizzazz have their own quirks to keep you thinking about the stories they tell. There are over two dozen abstract paintings to choose from, along with images of Bollywood scenes, women’s bodies, everyday activities, and Eastern cultural icons. The colour palettes used are striking but do not overpower the piece. Some of these artworks have been reproduced in souvenir shop pieces such as bookmarks and greeting cards.

The variety of the art pieces available at Pizzazz Art are outgrowths of Christine’s own experiences of travelling. Her odyssey has brought her to Ubud Bali in Indonesia, Vietnam, India, and the northern regions of Kenya, giving viewers a faceted look at her style. She takes time to work her commissioned paintings to match the décor of the home, and claims random images can pop up in her mind that never go away until she commits them to canvas.

Some may say that a little colour brings the whole world into life. When that world is your home, a couple of paintings by Christine Donaldson makes a difference into the character of your living space. Check out her gallery now.

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