Queensland Timber Flooring

Discover the timeless beauty of timber flooring.


With over 25 years of passion and experience in supplying and installing beautiful timber flooring for commercial and residential projects, Queensland Timber Flooring is one of the most experienced and respected timber flooring companies in Australia.


Queensland Timber Flooring is focused on delivering the highest quality flooring products and finishes from conception to completion. Their expert team can assist in selecting the ideal surface choice to suit any project, be it a large scale commercial project, a luxury residence, a renovation or a new family home, ensuring a timber floor that not only looks sensational but offers durability, class and style. They back all of their work with a seven-year warranty on all materials and workmanship to provide you with that extra level of confidence.

Queensland Timber Flooring offers the superior craftsmanship that comes with decades of experience in supplying and installing a range of the highest quality Australian hardwoods, imported species and engineered flooring. Their craftsmen are some of the most experienced and talented in the industry, demonstrated in their commitment to quality and pride in their work.

Queensland Timber Flooring is accredited at the highest level with the Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) and is also accredited under the Australian Institute of Architects Refuel Continuing Professional Development program.

Queensland Timber Flooring’s comprehensive and extensive range of flooring can accommodate all designs and budgets.

Contact Queensland Timber Flooring (email: sales@queenslandtimberflooring.com) who can advise and assist you with making the right choice, and take advantage of their extensive experience to add the timeless appeal of timber flooring to your home.