Sharon Jack Artist

Boldly beautiful abstract art for the home

Sharon Jack is an abstract artist specialising in colour field painting and the soak and stain technique.


Her abstract works consist of layers of stains, pouring thinned acrylic paint on unprimed, unstretched, raw canvas, often taking inspiration from nature.

The end result is blocks of dreamy, washy colours that magnificently interplay with lines and marks.

The technique is associated with the New York School of Modern Art, where Sharon Jack takes inspiration from American expressionists from the 1950s and 60s, notably Helen Frankenthaler.

Sharon Jack was born one of a twin in Murwillumbah, NSW, and grew up in the country village Stokers Siding. As an incredibly shy child, she escaped into a world of drawing and painting, realising it was something she could do well.

After a hiatus from art, she took it back up again in 2004, mostly creating works of pastel sealed and varnished on canvas. Finding this was too structured, Sharon Jack dabbled in acrylic and fluid acrylic paint as well as alcohol inks before her a-ha moment of colour field painting, of which she creates truly inspired and stunning pieces.

To see the beauty of Sharon Jack’s colour field paintings on raw canvas, visit her website.