Tailored Artworks

Custom art pieces that transform your home.

In this age of mass trends, individualism places your home above the rest and provides a sense of belonging. Personalised interior design requires heart blended with unique ideas to create the inimitable.


Tailored Artworks suite of Built-in Art Assets is custom designed with you to imbue your home with beauty reflective of your personality, architectural, interior and landscape styling.

This is gallery quality artwork that creates conversation pieces which solve real-world problems with focal points in a shared theme and style. Crafted by Brisbane artist and decorator Sharron Tancred, you will stun visitors with your textured, Real Art Kitchen Splashback and Art into Mosaic shower, spa, bar splashback or tabletop enhanced with Haymes Artisan textured feature walls and accessories superimposed at the digital design stage.

Consider concealing the tiresome fence outside your kitchen window with a stunning, Moveable Outdoor Mural that will expand your interior styling out, or, creating an heirloom with a large framed artwork that fits your cavernous space or art niche and unites your decor. Accentuate them all with a hand-painted TV wall mural or for the budget conscious, have Art 3D Printed onto glass as a screen, tiles for a stunning BBQ or bathroom feature or art printed onto Acoustic Fibre to reduce noise.

Think individual, think Tailored Artworks; guaranteed to match your space and be loved and HIA Legislations Compliant.