The Mural Shop

Art built into your home environment

Avoid your new home build or renovation looking ordinary and add a point of difference, interest and appeal with built-in art themes tailored to your home.

A designer point of difference is often found in things that are not yet trendy, but in forward-thinking design that can merge with both classic and on-trend styles. The Mural Shop offers homeowners creative and thematic ways to express style and personality relevant to your home’s location, architecture, landscape style and mood to create your point of difference.

The Mural Shop by Tailored Artworks is the creation of Brisbane artist and decorator Sharron Tancred. Splashbacks, tile murals, vertical tile feature strips, glass murals, art into mosaic, moveable outdoor murals and soon, ceiling murals are all created from art that is custom-printed onto building substrates. Additionally, you can select flat or texture printed, so artworks look hand-painted. The Mural Shop’s artworks, initially inspired by clients just like you, are designed to express the universal themes revered by all: water, light, nature and love. In this way, the art you select will also speak to your homes’ next owner.

A significant point of difference is when a design evokes feelings. Every mural shop artwork has been individually edited with their end purpose in mind to engage your emotions and senses. Each artwork’s colour psychology is designed to entice sensations and memories like love, holidays, serenity and happiness.

Similarly, each artwork, even a skinny vertical tile feature strip, will add a wondrous sense of space through art’s magical means of depth creation. Head to The Mural Shop to discover that your home does not feel bare anymore, but beautiful, meaningful and complete.

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