Touches Interior Design & Décor

Working on projects as small as single rooms to as large as commercial and school developments, Touches Interior Design & Décor is the interior design solution for everyone’s needs.


Head designer at Touches Interior Design & Décor, Carmel A. Reggi, loves putting the pieces of your interior design puzzle together. An expert in manoeuvring colours, shapes, lines, patters and textures into workable solutions, Carmel aims to deliver results that address all of her clients’ wishes, whilst living up to the possibilities afforded by a space.

Your first meeting with Carmel will be an opportunity for her to get to know you and your family, and you will no doubt notice Carmel’s enthusiasm, skill, instinct and creativity.

Carmel has a passion for staying on top of the latest design trends and products, and her expansive library of products and suppliers is the result of forging strong relationships with the best in the business.

From colour consultations to sourcing tradesmen, selection of building finishes, project managing, furniture and soft furnishing selection and more, Touches Interior Design & Décor takes the stress out of reinventing your home.

If you’re looking for something that goes above and beyond the ordinary without offending the senses, get in touch with Touches Interior Design & Décor today to talk about your design vision.