Tracie Eaton Artist

Tracie Eaton is an internationally renowned artist based on the Gold Coast, known for her individual and highly creative style characterised by her use of colour and texture.


Certified in colour psychology, Tracie Eaton art is a fusion of her passion and deep understanding of colour with her creative insight.

The Tracie Eaton brand is one of raw emotion, passion and sensuality. Those who seek a Tracie Eaton artwork are looking to create an ambience in their home that is not easily forgotten, or a custom piece that represents their unique personality.

Using acrylic paint as her primary medium, Tracie is able to create the look of watercolours and oils. To add texture to her paintings, Tracie adds a host of mixed-media materials including molding compounds, sand, glass, eggshells, twigs, tissue paper, twine, glitter and more.

Tracie’s artworks are not reproduced so you are guaranteed an original work that only you will own.

Whether you’re looking to give a space in your home an energetic, invigorating atmosphere or a relaxing one, the right art will reflect and shape how you feel.

Visit the Tracie Eaton art website to see examples of her art and get in touch today about purchasing original or commissioned piece for your home.