Vintec Australia

Australia’s leading wine storage specialist.

For people who enjoy a fine glass of wine and want a secure place for their collection, VINTEC Australia, one of Australia’s leading wine storage providers, is just the right outfit to fill your needs.


VINTEC Australia imports specially-designed home or commercial-class wine cabinets made by VINTEC of Denmark and Transtherm of France. Your preferences such as bottle size or location for storage will help guide a VINTEC AU supply representative on which cabinet fits for you.

Wine collectors have much to look forward to when tapping VINTEC Australia; even top wine critics praise the cabinets’ high quality. Many models from both VINTEC and Transtherm are capable of holding as little as 20 bottles of wine to around 500 bottles for the more advanced two-zone refrigerator units. Each unit boasts of high-tech features such as LED lighting, automatic temperature/humidity control, stainless steel doors with double glass panes, and wooden shelving.

The more serious collectors, though, would be thrilled with the dedicated wine-cellar models only available at VINTEC Australia. These can hold between 990 bottles to 4,140 bottles.

Acquire your dream wine cabinet today… and enjoy!

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