This modern home is full of purpose and liveability

Every inch of space and every piece of furniture serves a purpose

A hands-on couple needed a helping hand when finalising their apartment renovation – and luckily, the team from Rochele was up to the task to create this modern home.


When Rochele Decorating was enlisted to choose the finishing touches for this modern inner-city apartment, it was simply to help choose paint colours for the interior and exterior. However, the project quickly grew to include the interior styling, calling for the skills of Rochele’s decorating team. After assisting with lighting selections, interior window dressings, artwork, furniture and accessories for the outdoors, the whole space is now coherent, beautiful and well finished.

The design was one where “outdoor spaces became an extension of the interior living spaces,” says Kate from Rochele Decorating, and the two have merged seamlessly to provide an outdoor living room which, although exposed to the elements, still feels as cosy as the interiors. This couple love entertaining, have a small toddler, and eschew clutter and fuss – so the challenge was to create warmth and vibrancy in a minimal way. “A defining element of this room was the outdoor fireplace,” says Kate. “Even without four walls, we achieved cosiness with large cushioned armchairs and an outdoor rug.”

barbecue area

The combination of wood, steel and concrete added to the rugged design, creating a modern look with an urban take on comfort. All selected furniture needed to be hard wearing, with patterns creating interest and colour through the chosen accent pieces. “We love using concrete in modern designs,” says Kate. “The custom-made and designed concrete and timber table was the first piece we selected. ”The outdoor colour scheme takes its cue from the newly-renovated kitchen, with dark hues adding a moody, practical element to the space.

“Our ethos when designing a home is very much that it is the client’s space and their personality – we aim to bring inspiration while maximising its potential and liveability,” says Kate. “In all our designs we try to be practical and keep in mind how they live. The decor had to reflect this – every inch of space and every piece of furniture needs to serve a purpose.”

batman oil on canvas

Favourite feature: The ‘Batman Meets Mr Bean’ oil on canvas in the media room, situated just off the outdoor BBQ area. Rochele Decorating collaborated with the clients to come up with the theme for the painting – which was painted by the decorator, adding a personal touch to their service.