The DIY cyclone-rated modular wall you need to know about

The inspiring story of how one simple, convenient product helped to bring this cyclone ravaged Proserpine home back from disaster.

Modular Walls proserpine project

When Julia Bates, of the Whitsundays in Queensland, entered her stunning, cyclone-rated wall in ModularWalls’ #DIYMODWALL photo competition, it came with a remarkable story.

Julia only had a brief chance to enjoy her new pool area before Cyclone Debbie ravaged her brick pool wall and DIY motivation in one fell swoop. Beginning the slow process of rebuilding her home, she naturally made the sourcing of cyclone-rated walls a priority.

“Our original wall was filled with sand, not cement, and the weight of the brick plinths were pushed over towards the end of the nine-hour ordeal of Cyclone Debbie’s tirade,” says Julia. “When I consulted ModularWalls, the VogueWall was the only one suited to our cyclone region, but I loved the look of it anyway – I’d have probably chosen it regardless! I love the look and the freedom to paint any colour I like.”

Tradespeople were thin on the ground, making the product’s price and its ease of installation all the more pleasing. “The more we could do by ourselves, the better. We’d still be waiting if we’d required a complete brick wall build!” says Julia. “When the insurance money came through, I had – at last – the money to do things properly! The cost was way below anything we could have hoped for – even freight, which is usually prohibitive, didn’t impact the job.”

Modular Walls Vogue Walls

The decorative screens added to the VogueWall system are made from 3mm thick Coreten, offering a stunning detail that plays well with Julia’s exotic plant of choice, bamboo, which peaks out from behind the house. “It’s completely transformed our suburban block into a jungle paradise, and our living area is so much nicer for it. I also love the Indonesian style (I’m an Indonesian teacher), without going for a ‘hokey’ Balinese look.”

The modular wall team were wonderful,” said Julia. “This one easy element helped to bring our home back from the disaster, and it has been so good for something to work so easily in the aftermath. I’ve nearly got my DIY mojo back!”

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