One for the wine lovers

It is wine o’clock at home and Vintec has the perfect idea for you

If you consider yourself a bit of a wine buff, or if you love your kitchen to be the entertainment hub of the home, consider installing a wine cabinet to protect your wines (or even beers!) from temperature variations. Not only will your collection age with grace, maturing slowly and steadily to achieve that perfect balance and taste, but no matter your choice of tipple it shall be served at the absolute perfect temperature to suit.

wine shelf

As experts in integrated wine cellars and cabinets, Vintec offers the ideal investment to ensure that your wines are always looked after. It’s a science they have down to an art – normal fridges are designed to rapidly draw-down temperature by blasting intense cold air, and they also remove ambient humidity to slow down food spoilage – exactly what your wines don’t need! – and quick drops in temperature can denature your wines. Vintec’s climate-controlled wine cabinets, like the stylish ‘NOIR’ built-in wine cabinets with its sophisticated borderless black glass door and crystal white LED lighting, are designed to replicate the ideal conditions found in the best natural underground wine cellars. A very slow-cycling compressor and a humidity recycling system, in addition to other important features, ensures the preservation of your wine.

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