Time for a new wall clock? We’ve just found the ultimate range

In decorating terms, clocks are a triple threat; good looking and highly functional with next-to-no maintenance

Simply Wall Clocks

No other décor item brings together form and function as effortlessly as a clock. Which is why they always deserve a place on your wall. Or mantel. Or bedside. A well-considered timepiece will fit seamlessly into your decorating scheme while bringing a simple practicality that’s universally understood. We like to think of them as very useful artworks.

Time to create your space

You can tell a lot about a person by their clock. Are they suited to a more modern space or traditional? Elegant or edgy? Dramatic and bold or subtle and petite? A company that understands this perfectly is Australian-based Purely Wall Clocks. They’ve transformed their passion for timepieces into a unique online offering, focused firmly on bringing people and clocks together. It’s matchmaking at a horological (the study of time) level!

Purely Wall Clocks understands the joy of creating a space you love to spend time in. And they make it easy to bring home the ideal timepiece, whether you’re looking to complement your interior scheme or contrast with existing elements. Just jump on their website and filter through a huge range of designs, colours and sizes. Find the one that grabs you and enjoy the free shipping. Yes, on ALL orders!

Time to choose

With a commitment to matching clocks with personalities, they offer a wide range of style categories. Here’s a few of our favourites at Purely Wall Clocks:

Purely Wall Clocks Wooden and Silent clock
Freya White Silent Wall Clock from Purely Wall Clocks

Shhhh, we’re trying to sleep/think/scroll: SILENT

Love a strong, silent type? This style is for you! The noiseless ‘silent sweep’ movement means a quiet moment at home really is just that.

Stop, timber time: WOODEN

With a nod to Scandi themes, wooden clocks lend warmth to any interior. Their clean lines play so nice with our fresh, relaxed Queensland style.

Purely Wall Clocks alarm clock
Bella Champagne Gold Silent Alarm Clock from Purely Wall Clocks

Wake up, beautiful: ALARM

Face the day with the help of a stylish alarm clock. Choose from silent movements and old-school designs to digital displays.

Bigger is better: LARGE

Need to keep your family on track? Make a bold statement with an oversized timepiece. Clocking in at between 40cm and 90cm, these beauties provide eye-catching impact with a practical edge.

Simply Wall Clocks

Hot or not?: WEATHER

With weather like ours, it’s no wonder Queenslanders love to talk temperatures. It’s practically a state sport. The clean, classic stylings of the Simplex Weather Station Wall Clocks and Barometer Wall Clocks make an easy home addition or brilliant gift.

Time for a new clock?

With an incredible range that updates regularly, Purely Wall Clocks always puts their best face forward. Their outstanding customer reviews are testament to a service team who really want you to find the perfect timepiece. And they want you to have it quick-smart, with free delivery that’s fully insured and trackable.