Family life has its ups and downs but for this Brisbane family in a fifth level apartment, lifestyle is mostly on the up. After six months of looking for a house to buy, the family settled on a large apartment in the western suburb of Toowong. According to Diana Howes, managing director of Brisbane-based property research firm Resolution Research, this “is an emerging trend, driven by the allure of a convenient inner-city lifestyle.”

lt-31-31P0711-2015208175-rsd lt-31-31P0711-2015209190-rsdLess time spent in peak hour traffic, smaller commute times, a choice of inner-city schools, walking access to restaurants, shops, parks and entertainment are just some of the reasons families are looking for large inner city apartments.

lt-31-31P0711-2015276047-rsdHowes says, “The trend tends to be lead by families who have lived abroad in cities where family apartment living is more mainstream.” They have already experienced the upside of vertical family living.


Marcus Spiller, Principal with SGS Economic, and author of the State of the Market Report for the Urban Development Institute of Australia Foundation, says, “The research shows that while the dominant preferred housing form is, and will remain, a house in the suburbs – apartments and townhouses, currently accounting for 20% of new housing production, will move up to 40-50% of new housing over the next 10-15 years.”

A look into the housing crystal ball shows our future cities will become a series of greener, walkable villages made up of retail, dining and high density housing mixed with traditional ‘tin and timber’ Queensland architecture. These future urban villages are interconnected, primarily by rail, to employment nodes and the central city. This trend changes our understanding of the typical Queensland home and broadens our view of an exciting future for our urban landscape.


Over the next few weeks we will follow a family who have chosen the convenience and connectivity of inner-city apartment life and how they are adapting the layout and design of their apartment to make it more suited to their family. Stage one – the kitchen. Stay tuned for more!

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