Adventures are looking lovely with these designer kids playmats

With plenty of vibrancy and enchanting designs, these designer playmats will stoke your little ones’ imagination during tummy and playtime

Rugabub designer kids baby playmats
The Indigo Play Mat oh-so-chic, expressing elegance in the high-end style. Plus, it features a flipside roadmap so can change up your kiddie’s adventures!

Rugabub’s range of reversible playmats is designed in gender-neutral shades and sit beautifully in all styles of homes, from bedrooms to living area, kids’ rooms or nurseries, with ease. They’re also made to be eco-friendly with shock-absorbent memory foam that is 15mm thick, making the playmats so soft for the hands and knees (perfect for tummy time, crawling, playing, learning, and exploring!).   

The latest range from Rugabub is geometric-inspired (RRP $189.95 each) and a voyage of vibrant colour, with designs inspired by different regions around the world. From colourful ethnic parades to casual and cool, plush beachy naturals to classic and soft, Rugabub endeavour to bring the finest quality, skill and artistry to every mat they offer. 

Rugabub designer kids baby playmats
The Jai / Little Trooper Playmat features a grand triangular print that provides pure 60s-inspired charm, with stunning contrasts against a wheat background.
Rugabub designer kids baby playmats
The Sahara / Little Trooper Play Mat features a soft geometric design in pink, white and beige, a colour palette that captures understated glamour.
Rugabub playmats
The River /Moon flower mat boasts a boho vintage design with a light tone that blends seamlessly with any living space, while the reversed moonflower side (below) features a boho-styled, lush pattern.
Rugabub designer kids baby playmats
Moonflower reversed side creates a beautiful textural effect on the play mat.
Rugabub designer kids baby playmats
For something, a little softer and oh-so-sweet, perhaps select the playful and novel Aurora style which honours a natural beachy vibe.

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