Interior design showcase: Elegant refinement from Thomas & Alexander Interiors

Showing off their signature style of classic, elegant spaces that transcend the decades, Thomas & Alexander Interiors have transformed this new home into a sumptuous, grand retreat for a professional couple and their family.

“Our clients were looking for a home of elegance and refinement with a relaxed and welcoming vibe; they wanted comfort in beautiful surroundings,” says interior designer, Christopher Thomas, from Thomas & Alexander Interiors.

Thomas & Alexander Interiors lounge

Restoration estate

“Sourcing the furniture, and in particular the antique hand-painted panels for this home, was so exciting,” Christopher says of the design process. “The panels came from a French château which was being demolished – they date from before the French Revolution, and they had to be professionally cleaned and restored before we installed them here. Our clients love them. We then teamed them with antique furniture (including the fireplace surround), a delicately toned rug and selected luxurious fabrics which would marry all the elements into a coherent whole.”

Thomas & Alexander Interiors french panels

Très chic

Although there is a strong French influence here, Thomas & Alexander Interiors says the design style is more ‘international classic’. Although it is achieved with antique furniture and the hand-painted panels, there is a lightness and freshness to the scheme which is more universal than a strict categorisation of one style or another would allow.
“I think the world is full of inspiration,” says Christopher. “When I was in Paris and found inspiration in the beautiful doors and doorways which you see everywhere there – even the Luxembourg Gardens, which were close by to where I was staying and which I visited many times, were truly inspiring for their timeless beauty.”

This home is testament to the designers’ shared ethos that classic never goes out of fashion. “My design rule is quality, no compromises! Inevitably the things you compromise on are the things you will regret buying in the end,” says Christopher. “I design for longevity. I see interior design as an investment, not only in a home, but in the lifestyle of my clients who live there.”

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Interior designer Christopher Thomas from Thomas & Alexander Interiors

Photography: John Downs