Tailored art concepts for the home

Inspired by your own unique style and personality, the concept of tailored art defies the age of mass trends with vibrant individualism.

Tailored Artworks kitchen splashback

Choosing art for the home can be a daunting task, but not when you have an artist who can tailor it to imbued your unique personality and unite your existing interior, architectural and landscape styling!  The concept of tailored art defies the age of mass trends and production with vibrant individualism and purposeful, designer solutions for the hardest places in your home.

 Founded in 2006 by vivacious Brisbane artist and decorator Sharron Tancred, Tailored Artworks studio offers you a broad suite of personalised art and decor ideas from private art workshops for adults or kids as young as 18 months old to portraits in any style, and massive framed artworks and handpainted murals for the home. 

 If you are building or renovating, consider Tailored Artworks stunning suite of Built-in Art Assets digitised to fit your space using their 13-year-old library of original art by Sharron. 

Tailored Artworks kitchen splashback

Tailored Artworks customised painting

Tailored Artworks kids bedroom art

Sharron’s Tailored Artworks studio offers her clients a suite of Built-in Art Assets that can be custom designed to suit your personality, architectural, interior and landscape styling. Whether it’s textured, real art designer features like a colourful kitchen splashback, a stunning mosaic shower wall, an entire feature wall in the lounge, or accessories digitally superimposed. Tailored Artworks even specialise in moveable outdoor murals, so you can take the creativity into your outdoor spaces and really unite the living areas of your home.

Vibrant, bold, colourful, and functional – the concept of tailored art is perfect for homeowners looking for individual, decorative architectural features, relevant to your unique style.

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Tailored Artworks pool mosaic

Tailored Artworks wall mural