Taubmans Colour of The Year 2017 ‘Violet Verbena’ is a paint shade with a twist

Find out why interior design expert and Taubmans Brand Ambassador, Shaynna Blaze, loves its chameleon-like qualities.


Following on from Taubman’s announcement of their Colour of the Year 2017, Violet Verbena, Shaynna Blaze, Interiors design expert, TV personality (and judge on The Block) and Taubmans Brand Ambassador,  is sharing the love for this new twist on an old classic shade. “It’s the new neutral – a warm grey tone that plays in its environment and blends perfectly with many different surroundings,” she says. “To me it feels simultaneously nostalgic and modern, both masculine and feminine, and is very reflective of where design is heading in 2017.”

Modern Classic

And Shaynna’s top tip for incorporating Taubmans Violet Verbena in your home? Firstly, she says, move past the purple of old and embrace the colour with a modern approach!

“Let’s be honest, purple can be associated with a dated or ‘nanna’ interior,” says Shyanna. “But due to the surge of interest in navy and indigo in the past couple of years, moving to purple-based colours is a natural progression. Violet Verbena is an elegant foray into a contemporary purple hue which sits nicely alongside indigo and the mixed metal tones such as brass, copper and rose gold.”

We’re loving how Taubmans have put a twist on a classic – and how Violet Verbena is edgy enough to fit seamlessly in a contemporary interior, yet elegant enough to be incorporated into traditional designs – something Shaynna agrees with, too. “Violet Verbena is a new player in the neutral palette,” she says. “The new purple is muted and subtle and weaves with stealth into the modern palette… At quarter or half-strength Violet Verbena is mutable enough to compliment most decors but at full or double-strength it becomes a feature.”