Tech talk: Ecozen Pools + Landscapes

Ecozen Pools + Landscapes have combined tech and landscape design to create the ultimate virtual reality experience!

ecozen, landscapes, summer, pool, cityscape, designLike all good Queenslanders we’re currently complaining about the cold, but it won’t be too long until the sun is shining and we’ll be out of our self-inflicted hibernation. Which is why it’s now the perfect time to organise the pool you’ve always wanted – so come Summer your backyard will be the envy of every neighbour.

Ecozen Pools + Landscapes are an industry leader in design, offering clients the opportunity to experience their proposed project in 3D rendered images and fly-through videos. Technology advances now allow you the chance to swim in your new Ecozen pool before the digging even begins – thanks Virtual Reality.

ecozen, pools, 3d, landscape

You can now immerse yourself in what the finished project will look like via the VR headsets and 360 degree pictures. This will allow you to explore the ratios, dimension, aspects and colours of your new yard. See how the new space will look at various times of the day and night, with true shadows. You can even hear the flowing water feature or crackling fire pit!

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Ecozen Founder Sean Lynch explains “Virtual Reality is the greatest tool for ensuring we are all on the same page. It’s like inviting someone in to view your dream. The body will actually react physically to what it is seeing and experiencing. If you see a butterfly flying past, you instinctively put your arm out and try to get it to land on you. It is truly amazing. Our clients are absolutely loving it.”

It all sounds pretty amazing to us, being able to experience what your completed yard could look like in virtual reality. See for yourself at Ecozen Pools + Landscapes.

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