The Atlantic Collection by Bisazza

Big news in the (incredibly good looking!) world of Bisazza with the announcement that a very special, reserved consignment of designer tiles for the Bisazza CEMENTILES range, specifically selected and produced for Australia, is to be released from June this year.

Bisazza CEMENTILES Atlantic Collection Campana Brother

The special Australian assortment of Bisazza CEMENTILES is named “ATLANTIC COLLECTION”, and will include carefully selected patterns from all of Bisazza’s collaborative designers, including the very latest contributions from the Campana Brothers and American architect and designer David Rockwell.

While every design in the CEMENTILES Collection will always be available, this special selection will be on hand for Bisazza’s discerning customers in Australia and New Zealand with a fast delivery time assured by Bisazza’s Sydney warehouse.

The CEMENTILES collection includes square (20×20 cm) and hexagonal (20×23 cm) shaped tiles made entirely by hand using high-strength cement which is blended with coloured oxides. The tiles are available in 29 colours and in a vast range of multi-coloured decorations and are suitable for internal floors and walls.

Visit the CEMENTILES page at and click ‘ATLANTIC COLLECTION’ to see this exclusive portfolio.

Bisazza CEMENTILES Atlantic Collection David Rockwell

Bisazza CEMENTILES Atlantic Collection Buchner Brundler

Bisazza CEMENTILES Atlantic Collection

Bisazza CEMENTILES Atlantic Collection Rain 10