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Lamb & Stine owner and designer Sharnee Lamb chats with us about her creative journey – from tiles to trends, as well as her exciting plans for the future

Brisbane-based linen company Lamb & Stine merges the comfort of home with the luxury of five-star living to create feel-good bed linen.

Sharnee is the designer and founder of Lamb & Stine, and like any driven artist she began her career by letting go of traditional expectations and following her passion. After giving uni a go twice, she decided it just wasn’t for her and signed up to study fashion design instead. Once Sharnee’s diploma was completed, her career took another turn, and she stepped away from the fast-paced, high-pressured fashion industry.

Fast forward a few years and Sharnee was back at the sewing machine, creating cushions with a friend and selling them at local Brisbane markets – her love for design was once again ignited and Lamb & Stine was born. Lamb & Stine’s vision is to create homely products that feel better as the age. The collection features pops of colours and prints, and is made from the highest quality linen.

Sharnee chats with us about her creative journey, from tiles to trends, as well as her plans for the future.

What were you up to before Lamb & Stine?

After completing my fashion course I started a clothing label. It was so much fun and extremely challenging. I struggled with money, and keeping up with the high pressure deadlines of creating seasonal collections. Although others loved my clothing, I felt I lost my way in design, and I stopped loving what I was creating. It came to the point where I’d need a loan to help with production costs, and at 20 I wasn’t sure if the label was something I would let myself go into debt for.

How have your studies helped you develop Lamb & Stine?

Studying fashion definitely helped me transition Lamb & Stine from a hobby to a business. I started off making everything myself, and when I made the decision to move into manufacturing my fashion studies equipped me with the skills to successfully communicate with overseas manufacturing companies.

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What makes working at Lamb & Stine so special?

It brings me joy and it brings other people joy. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving an email or comments asking when you are getting more stock, because they love them and need them. Sometimes I ‘work’ weekends and nights and it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just fun.

What do you love about linen?

Everything, I love the look and feel, and its strength and durability. I love how soft it gets the more you wash it. It’s also the most comfiest thing to sleep on, it not only looks good, but it also survives food spills, sweat, and basically being squished and sat on.

Will you be using any other fabrics in the future?

To be honest I have thought about it, but I’m not 100% sure yet. The possibility is there. I like texture, so perhaps it wouldn’t necessarily be a change of fabric, but maybe more a mixture of materials.

What inspires you creatively?

Tiles – it’s crazy! I spend so much time browsing tiles on pinterest. I don’t think I could ever have bold titles in my house, so instead I become inspired to create them on a smaller, softer scale.

I’m also inspired by other business owners. There is nothing more motivating than having coffee with a like minded friend or acquaintance and talking about all your hopes and dreams. It kickstarts a drive in me. If you ever need some motivation or inspiration, I highly recommend it.

Let’s talk trends, what do you rate and hate?

RATE: Timber and white base furniture with eclectic styling. I like things that have a story – heritage and charm is what I’m all about! I also love that Pantone’s colour of the year is Greenery, I can’t wait to see homes full of plants!

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HATE: Hmm… now that’s a tough one. I don’t think I hate anything. I have an appreciation for styling and I think with the right styling anything can look beautiful. To be honest though, I am done with the Scandinavian trend.

What’s your fave room in your Wavell Heights home?

Hmm tricky! It would either be, the kitchen or our bedroom. Probably our kitchen because it the most complete. It’s nowhere near modern, I think it’s actually a subtle pink colour (haha), but it’s full of plants and mugs, and I think it’s so cute. I also like to cook and only have a few more cooking books to add to my collection.

But I like our bedroom too! Our bed features my L&S sheets and doona cover, and we have these ‘new’ bedside tables that Brodie (my handsome boyfriend) made. They are timber and just a little different to anything else I’ve seen. We do however sleep on the floor at the moment, so once we actually have a bed, it might take rank as the favourite!

Can you give us the inside scoop on what you have planned for 2017?

Our new Linen sleepwear is due to arrive any day now. I’ve started the L&S sleepwear range the same way as I started Lamb & Stine. With the signature set. A navy and white option with the choice of a long sleeve shirt a or short sleeve shirt. There are also prints coming to L&S early this year too, not only for our sleepwear, but for cushions, pillowcases and tea towels! I will also no longer be screen printing anything, it will now all be digitally printed. Digital printing, was something completely new to me, so it has been fun learning all about it.

What would your dream creative project be?

Collaborating with Country Road on a homeware or sleepwear collection.

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