The Creatives – Weaving magic with Langdon

Brisbane-based Langdon are taking the design and decor industry by storm with their divine range of cushions, rugs, throws and bags!

Co-founders Delia and Phoebe Langdon regularly travel to India to meet and work with their local artisans, keeping a strong community focus and relationship with those that produce their stunning designs. You can see the love that is put into each and every piece – with a zesty mix of colours and decadent embellishments like silver and gold thread, using the ancient wisdom of weaving, Langdon captures an earthy, homespun vibe.

We talk to Delia from Langdon and get to know the story behind these two very passionate creatives who love what they do – and keep it a family affair.


How and why did you join forces to create Langdon?

Phoebe had just finished an Honours year in India after completing her studies in fashion design and textile design at The Fashion Institute (formerly East Sydney Tech). She came back from India full of inspiration and knowledge and was keen to get creative. I was working in finance and wanting a career change. The idea came about at the family dinner table, and Phoebe quickly set about designing our first range which consisted of digital prints shared across a range of silk scarves and kimonos and cotton cushions with embellishment. Since then the brand has evolved from print-based textiles and garments to our hand-woven creations.


What is the main inspiration behind the Langdon collection? 

Phoebe draws inspiration from her travels and patterns she has discovered on old walls, ceilings, tiles, lights, etc. The same with colour. You’ll find a lot of the colour combinations in our collection can be found it traditional Indian villages. 


What attracted you to producing your designs in India and what do you love the most about this collaboration? 

 Obviously, Phoebe living and attending university in India and also working there was the start of it but we both appreciate the intricacy and beauty of the work in India. First and foremost, though, we love the fact that we are supporting these people. A lot of what they do is a dying art, so it’s really special to help in keeping this tradition alive. Visiting the villages we work with enables us to meet the people we work with and their families and hear their stories. The villages are often remote and so different to what we have here in Australia. It’s a real adventure.


How do you feel the Langdon aesthetic pairs with our Queensland homes?

Queensland’s homes reflect Queensland’s tropical environment and bringing the outside in. The traditional Queenslander is light and airy and a fabulous canvas for our wares. There’s also a lot of geometric lines in these homes which pair back with the geometry Phoebe uses in her designs. On a practical level (and side note), anyone who has lived in a Queenslander and enjoyed the timber floorboards and breezeways above doors knows the importance of rugs and hall runners to assist in keeping a quiet home!


Each of Langdon’s collection continues to re-invent the lives of artisans in India with hope and purpose. Discover the magic of Langdon and celebrate the art of weaving which is the vein of Indian culture.

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