Choose the right topsoil or garden soil to watch your plants grow

Lay the best kind of groundwork to ensure growth and longevity for your garden and plants.

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Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars choosing the right plants or turf to suit their project and garden conditions, and just as much on decorating with potted plants indoors. So it makes sense to treat the choice of topsoil or garden soil as a one-off investment that will encourage healthy prolonged plant growth for years to come.

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Various plants have a distinct preference or particular requirement when it comes to soil suitability, which can be confusing for the novice green thumb. So, whether you are planting a new garden bed, filling some holes in the lawn, topping up an existing bed, or simply potting your favourite indoor plants, it pays to seek the best soil available. In some cases, it may be required to add specific fertilisers to the growing medium to achieve satisfactory results, which is where a quality product like the UltraGROW Range from Centenary Landscaping can pay off.

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Centenary Landscaping has worked with topsoil manufacturers, soil scientists and industry professionals to develop the UltraGROW range of Soil Blends that are unique and uncompromised in quality and performance.

Terry O’Shea (Managing Director) and John Daly, an industry expert in the field of soil science and agronomy have been working tirelessly to source quality waste free ingredients to formulate the best possible growing media that far exceed any Australian Standard currently in use in the landscaping industry. The resulting products offer spectacular plant growth for you and your garden giving your plants the best possible start without compromise.

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The UltraGROW Garden Soil range is available exclusively at Centenary Landscaping Supplies. Go to to find out more.