Why You’ll Love Majestic Pools

Making the most of your outdoor space is incredibly important – after all, it’s where you’ll spend the majority of your time in those lovely summer months. To make sure you’ve got the best outdoor space you can possibly get, you’ll need to consult the experts. Enter the Majestic Pools team, who are renowned for creating stunning pools with an added touch of luxe. The best part? Even the most luxurious pool can be crafted on any budget, and years of proven experience makes this team the right one for the job.


As one of the most successful pool builders and outdoor designers in Queensland – and with the awards to back them up – the Majestic Pools team knows all the emerging trends in design, and the latest must-haves to make your outdoor living a dream. And, best of all, they’ll create a pool to suit your every need. As Majestic Pools’ director Andrew Jakovac explains, the Majestic Pools team can and will design a full-concept, resort-style pool to fit your everyday backyard and budget.“Regardless of your budget, maximising every hard earned dollar should be non-negotiable,” says Andrew. It’s no wonder the Majestic Pools team has the incredible achievement of being Australia’s most awarded designer in all price ranges!


To create the pool and backyard that’s just right for you, the Majestic Pools team take everything into consideration, incorporating as many design ‘ingredients’ and principles as possible. Pools, water features and ponds are carefully placed, considering the sun and shade to give you a space you’ll always want to splash around in. Majestic Pools will also add features to transform your pool from a simple ‘water-hole’ to a fun, exciting space for all ages. Gazebos and landscaping add shade and space, perfect for relaxation and entertaining. Privacy is also key – after all, your home is your sanctuary, and this should continue to your outdoor space!  The end result is synergy between your home, backyard and surrounding environment, crafting a memorable backyard experience for anyone who glimpses it.

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If you’re after some gorgeous pool and outdoor inspiration, we’ve pulled together some of Majestic Pools’ award-winning designs across a plethora of price ranges.With over 360 awards, you can be sure you’re in safe hands with the Majestic Pools team.

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